Different strokes for different folks.

Have you had the myth that the most expensive one is the best; or had the concept for the cheapest one is the best alternative.

Have you got the experiences for buying too many and found out they weren’t useful at all.

We all know that collagen is a high-valued gel and the holy grail product. A customer produced their products with collagen inside. Hence, he would need to squeeze out the very valuable collagen from the syringe beforehand. Now, here came to the question. How?

For collagen is non-mainstream product and rare machine has been designed for the collagen processing, the customer requested us to deal with this problem. Without denying that the customer had already bought some high-priced filling machines he thought that would be useful. He finally realized that those machines couldn’t solve the problem for squeezing process without wasting collagen. After our sales representative knowing his annoyance, we had come up the ideal to install the rubber wheel for doing the action of pushing down the syringe. The concept of the design didn’t cost the customer much but perfectly solving his vexation.

For our business philosophy, we would suggest the suitable machine based on the customers’ true needs. We won’t persuade customers to buy our machines when we knew the machines don’t fit their requirements. As for this case, after all was set up, the customer ordered four more colloid filling machines at the end. For this part, we could realize that we did focus on the critical point what our customer had and having the corresponding solution. Additionally, the same as for life, what we really need concerns most than what we want.