Neostarpack can’t wait for meeting you all in Japan Pack 2019. (October 29-November1)

In the biennial Japan Pack, Neostarpack will show you our automatic compact filling line, including from liquid filler, capper to labeler. Besides, we are also capable of providing packaging machines for all kinds of industries: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

You are welcome to ask us or bring your products so that we can provide you with more detailed and complete product packaging solutions!


Booth Information:
Exhibition Venue: Makuhari Messe

Date: October 29 (Tue.) – November 01 (Fri), 2019
Show Times: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: booth: 5M-16


Automatic Tabletop Liquid Filling Line

Special-designed compact production line for small volume and with low production capacity products. Products such as small volume of ink, essential oils, perfume and e-cigarettes are ideal for using our tabletop filling production line. Because the machine itself is small in size and won’t take up space, which makes it very convenient to change place for production. This compact filling line can be matched with the applicable filling machine and labeling machine according to the liquid characteristics or the production requirements. Filler, capper and labeler are complemented by each other, but they can also be used individually as well. It’s very flexible in operation.


Tabletop Overflow Liquid Filling Machine

This tabletop overflow liquid filling machine is mainly used for filling liquids with good fluidity, such as water, juice, sugar water, contact lotion, eye drops, essence etc. Overflow filler won’t be restricted to the material and shape of the bottle, and the liquid level can still be at the same height after filling completion. Using double-head filling increases production speed and efficiency. It is also very simple and convenient in operation. Even if the bottle needs to be replaced, it’s no need to change any equipment for production.



Tabletop Label Dispenser

The label dispenser can greatly reduce the inconvenience of using manual peeling labels. It’s very easy to carry with because of having small size and light weight. Using this machine to peel the label which still can be flat without wrinkles. And the length of the label can be adjusted according to requirements, which makes it more convenient when peeling off the label.

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