sually, everybody knows that once the products you bought needs maintenance, you could only find the original equipment manufacturer to keep the products in good repair.
The story happened the other day, our sales representative went to a factory, manufacturing paper towel and importing perfumes. The customer came for us, for he bought an imported labeling machine which needed repaired.Due to the complicated process for maintenance of imported labeling machine, and no other manufacturer would be willing to repair a machine that is not from their own. Ultimately, he finally found us.
The maintenance object was a automatic top labeller, the temperature controller of which broke down. Luckily, thanks to our experienced sales representative, he deduced the problem was for the circuit connection error. He rearranged the circuit and turned out to be well operated. Always what concerns us most is that we solve customer’s problems and we get more experienced for dealing with the this kind of situation. A win-win situation created.