12-Nozzle Piston Filling Capping Labeling Line

12-Nozzle Piston Filling Capping Labeling Line


(Filling range:100~1000ml) (Capping speed:20~40 pcs/min) (Labeling speed:20~60 pcs/min)

12-Nozzle Piston Filling Capping Labeling Line

12-Nozzle Piston Filling Line NFP-4125 connects a 12-nozzle piston filler with an automatic cap feeding capper and a double-sided labeler.

Neostarpack-Automatic Filling Capping Labeling Line

12-Nozzle Piston Filling Line can be customized for liquid packaging needs in food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical plants, plants of body-care products, plants of cleaning supplies, chemical plants, etc.

  • 12 nozzles filling synchronously with high productivity.
  • Servo driven piston for accurate filling quality.
  • Nozzle spacing and height is adjusted by top hand wheel and screw.
  • Available for diving filling for foamy liquid.
  • Anti-dripping tray: keeps the machine clean.
  • Capping speed and timing is adjustable.
  • Height of capping head can be adjusted by hand wheel.
  • Equipped with cap missing alarm.
  • Easy changeover modular for capping different sizes of caps.
  • Labeling height and angle are adjustable.
  • Bottle spacer separates containers into fixed space.
  • Advanced detection system makes precise labeling.
  • Top-press-down conveyor supports containers to stand vertically.
  • Equipped with emergency button for safety concerns.
  • Heavy-duty cabinet basement with casters: easy to move.
  • Made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for easy maintenance and longevity.


  • Filling speed:30~50 bpm (depends on product viscosity and bottle size)
  • Filling range:100~1000ml (can be customized)
  • Accuracy:± 1%
  • Voltage:110 or 220 VAC


  • Driven device:Single phase brushless motor
  • Capping speed:20~40 pcs/min (depends on bottle and cap size)
  • Cap Type:All kinds of screw caps
  • Air consumption:5 Kg
  • Voltage:110 or 220 VAC


  • Labeling speed:20~60 pcs/min (depends on product and label size)
  • Label size:(W) 10~100 mm / (L) 20~250mm
  • Label reel:Inner diameter 75mm / Outer diameter 300mm
  • Accuracy:± 1mm
  • Voltage:110 or 220 VAC
  • PLC & HMI
  • Automatic cap feeder
  • Feeding/collecting turntable
  • Anti-dust protecting case