Automatic 4-Nozzle Overflow Filling Machine With Safety Gate NFL-545

Automatic 4-Nozzle Overflow Filling Machine With Safety Gate NFL-545


(Filling range:1000-5000ml)

Automatic 4-Nozzle Overflow Filler With Safety Gate

Automatic Overflow Liquid Filler NFL-545 is designed for mineral water filling requirement with massive volume.

Neostarpack-Automatic 4-Nozzle Overflow Filling Machine

The liquid level of every bottle will be the same and the surplus bubbles will overflow to reservoir. It especially suits for foamy liquid.

  • An anti-dust housing is installed to make sure the machine comply with the standard of food hygiene.
  • Suits for free flowing liquid filling requirement like water and juice.
  • Controlled by PLC with color touch screen: filling volume, speed, and interval time can be adjusted directly on the touch screen without mechanical adjustment.
  • Four filling nozzles to fill four bottles at one time.
  • Heads sink into bottles to decrease bubbles.
  • Both round bottle and rectangular bottle can be adopted easily without additional device.
  • Surplus liquid and bubbles overflow back to reservoir.
  • Dipping nozzles prevent spillage and diminish bubbles.
  • Fiber optic sensors for container gating.
  • Can be customized according to different liquid.
  • User friendly control system with touch screen for ease of adjustment.
  • Liquid:Free flowing liquid
  • Speed:3bpm (5L bottle)
  • Filling range:1~5L
  • Control system:PLC+HMI system
  • Power supply:110V or 220V, single phase
  • Modifications for large containers
  • Customized tank
  • Bottle feeding device