Automatic Dual Servo Motor Capper NCW-415S

Automatic Dual Servo Motor Capper NCW-415S


(Capping speed:30 bottles/min)

Automatic Capper

NCW-415S Automatic Dual Servo Motor Capper can be easily adjusted with the capping head to meet different capping requirements. With universal torque capping controlling system, there is no need to change the capping head to apply widely to various sizes of caps and bottles in round shape, square shape or other containers.

Neostarpack-Automatic Capping Machine

According to the characters of different products, capping speed and other settings can be adjusted fast and simply to meet various production needs, and the dual servo driving system can also make the machine to cap accurately with high efficiency.

  • Smart PLC system with high quality color touchscreen makes it easy for setting and operating.
  • Equipped with dual servo motors for high accurate capping in high speed.
  • Precise high torque design for high capping quality with proper tightness to prevent from overcapping.
  • Height of capping head can be adjusted by hand wheel to fit for various bottles and caps.
  • Torque adjustment by dual servo capping device to ensure perfect tightness to keep containers without damages.
  • Equipped with protection device to prevent motors from overloading and burning out.
  • Universal use of the capping head for various caps with precise buffer device to keep the completeness of the containers and the caps.
  • High technological servo driving device makes accurate positioning and stops functioning while overloading to protect both the products and the machine automatically.
  • Saved settings with parameters for fast changeover for immediate production.
  • Digital controlled cap feeding chute for smooth cap feeding and precise positioning without displacement.
  • Inline capping system can be connected with existing production line to promote production efficiency.
  • Advanced rigid PVC conveyor chain for durable and stable conveying.
  • Automatic production measuring and presetting system for the machine to stop operating while resetting production is reached to promote management efficiency.
  • Adopt precise Japanese sensors: while detecting bottle jam, the machine will stop operating automatically; when the jam is relieved, the machine will also start functioning again automatically.
  • Protection device for safety concerns for operator(s).
  • Made of stainless steel for the base unit with strong structure design also to increase storage space at the same time.
  • Made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for frame construction to comply with cGMP standard for easy maintenance and longevity.
  • Applicable bottles and caps:widely applies with various bottles and caps
  • Applicable caps:30~60mm (outer diameter)
  • Capping speed:30 bottles/min
  • Compressed air requirement:2~5Kg
  • Power supply:220 VAC; 50/60 Hz; Single phase
  • Dimensions:(L) 1700 mm (W) 1200 mm (H) 1700 mm
  • Weight:500 Kg
  • Bottle loading device
  • Automatic bottle feeding turntable
  • Different types of capping heads
  • Other types of cap chutes
  • Multi capping heads