Automatic High Efficiency Tablet Counter NTC-420

Automatic High Efficiency Tablet Counter NTC-420


(Counting speed: 1600~2400 pcs/min)

Automatic Tablet Counter

Automatic High Efficiency Tablet Counter NTC-420 can meet the requirements for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, dietary supplement factories, and other factories in various markets. It is simple to operate without any special training.

Neostarpack-Automatic High Efficiency Tablet Counting Machine

Automatic High Efficiency Tablet Counter NTC-420 Suitable for counting various sizes products such as: tablets, capsules, pills, sugar-coated pills and other similar products. Our NTC-420 is capable of counting in high speed with high efficiency for different kinds of products with various sizes into bottles or bags .

  • In-line conveying system with turning device for counting can be connected with original production line to increase efficiency
  • Bottle positioning system:Automatic bottle feeding, spacing, and positioning for high accuracy counting
  • Anti-dust mode: Equipped with high effective sensor to keep precise counting
  • Can choose to operate with single or double counting devises according to production requirements
  • Automatic feeding with conveying system to save labor cost
  • Speed of the turning device can be adjusted
  • Diameter of the turning device can be customized
  • Error detecting system for fast troubleshooting
  • Equipped with bottle spacing system for accurate bottle positioning
  • Install dust-collecting equipment to clean dust easily
  • Alarm system to inform operators when production is reached
  • No need to change molds while counting different products
  • Adopt advance Keyence sensors for high accuracy counting
  • Controlled by PLC with HIM color touch screen for easy operation
  • Made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for frame construction to comply with cGMP standard
  • Counting Speed:1600~2400pcs/min (Depends on product sizes)
  • Applicable tablets:Diameter > 6mm; Height > 3mm
  • Accuracy:100% in proper speed (±1pcs in overspeed)
  • Power Supply:110 or 220VAC; 50/60Hz; single phase
  • Dimensions:(L) 2400mm (W) 1000mm (H) 1500mm
  • Anti-dust cover