Dietary supplement capsule counting packaging line (TM4100/CW4000/LR3000/RT1000)

Dietary supplement capsule counting packaging line (TM4100/CW4000/LR3000/RT1000)


(Counting speed:1200-2000pcs/min) (Capping speed:25-30 BPM)

Dietary supplement capsule counting packaging line is essential for those pharmaceuticals factories and health food supplement manufactories, which mainly producing a variety of tablets and capsules for different purpose. Normally, according to general pharmaceuticals factories and biotechnology companies, the complete automatic capsule counting machine line is including: one bottle feeding machine, two counting machines, one cap placing machine, one cap sorter, one cap feeding machine, one cap screwing machine, one labeler, and one bottle out-feeding machine. All equipment of our production line is made by food contact materials, which conforms to CGMP regulation and satisfied the standard of relevant industry. In addition, we could also provide other machines such as tablet and capsule counting machine, bottle washer, cotton inserting machine, sealing machine, and labeler to suit customers’ needs for small to medium scale capacity packaging demand. Based on various customer’s needs, we offer a flexible set menu for purchasing, which provides relevant equipment to select and combine. Moreover, not only adjustment and settings of equipment but also machine maintenance is easy and handy, which help you achieve a cost reduction.


Dietary supplement counting  production line could satisfy your demands for packaging different products and several bottle types by using the same equipment.

Dietary supplement counting production line is widely applied in those solid pellet product, such as tablet, capsule, pastille, troche, dietary supplement, lozenge, chewing gum, chocolate ball, candy, and so on. This product line fits many kinds of package producing purpose — pellet counting, cap feeding, cap placing, cap pressing, cap screwing. It could be applied in pharmaceutics, health supplement, biotechnology, and food industries. Detecting accurately by sensor to count exactly amount then fill bottles with pellets. Besides, by using touchscreen for machine adjustment and settings could simplify operation process. Moreover, it only need one operator to monitor and manipulate the whole producing process, and two automatic counting machines are running at the same time to help raise producing efficiency. We offer special cap feeding machine and cap pressing machine to fit different types of caps and bottles, which make your producing items more flexible, and make your producing value achieve to highest level.

  1. Double line vibration track has stable, quick and accurate features during the whole producing process.
  1. High accuracy counting function, which could achieve 100% accuracy.
  1. With double conveyors, two counting machines operate at same time to help save time for waiting bottle feeding to enhance productivity.
  1. Automatic cap feeding machine and cap sorter could decrease labor demand, which help streamline the operation process.
  1. Precisely placing the caps on the bottles after filling, which are devoted by using synchronous control system.
  1. Cap screwing machine using speed control AC motor, helps adjust productivity according to different products’ needs.
  1. The highest speed of labeler could achieve 13 meters per minute, which depends on the type of bottles and size of labels.
  1. The wrapping module of round bottle labeler makes sure the labels could be perfectly fit on bottles.
  2. By using automatic infeed turntable and automatic collecting turntable, we could speed up the producing rate and decrease labor demand.
  1. There are no complex settings and adjustment with our equipment, which make production line more user-friendly by easy manipulative interface.
  1. Adjustable easily for different size of bottles by manipulating hand wheels.
  1. HMI touchscreen is equipped with multiple parameters storing function, which makes changeover between different products faster and easier.
  2. Being widely applied in pharmaceuticals factory, health supplement factory, biotechnology factory, and food factory.
  1. Counting machine uses vibratory rails to separate each piece, which helps its sensor to count pellets precisely, and with dual hoppers could load more amount of pellets inside each time.
  1. Various motor speed settings help regulate appropriate speed to achieve best productivity.
  2. Producing process is controlled by PLC system that helps in control of production schedule.
  3. Stop instantly when ingredient is insufficient during producing process.
  4. Capsule and tablet counting machine is designed not only for quick disassembly but also for easy clean up and maintenance.
  5. Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy is features of firmness and longevity.
  6. Equipment is made by food contact materials, which conforms to CGMP regulation.
  7. To make sure quality of the products that we seal up different part of bottles with foil sealing.

Counting machine

  • Product size:(Dia.) 2~40mm (H) 2mm at least
  • Counting speed:1200-2000pcs/min
  • Accuracy:100%
  • Dimension:(L) 2000mm(W) 1000mm(H) 1500mm
  • Weight:380KGS

Capping machine

  • Cap type:General screw caps, plastic caps and round caps
  • Cap diameter:25~55mm
  • Capping speed:25-30BPM
  • Dimension:(L) 1500mm(W) 1000mm(H) 1300mm
  • Weight:480KGS

Round bottle labeling machine

  • Bottle shape:Round bottles or Round cans
  • Label type:Non-transparent labels
  • Label size:(W) max. 100mm, (L) max. 300mm
  • Label roll diameter:(inner) 75mm, (outer) 300mm
  • Dimension:(L) 2000mm(W) 1800mm(H) 1100mm
  • Weight:330KGS

Power and Air pressure

  • Power:110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
  • Air pressure:90PSI/2CFM
  • Safety door
  • Cap sealing machine
  • Checker and rejector
  • Hot stamping machine