Wrapping Around Labeler NLR-230

Wrapping Around Labeler NLR-230


(Labeling speed:20-50 pcs/min) (depends on containers and labels size)

Wrapping Around Labeler

Wrapping Around Labeler NLR-230 Compact design with high mobility for labeling round containers with half circle, 3/4 circle or completely wrap around to meet round bottle labeling requirements with high efficiency.

Neostarpack-Wrapping Around Labeling Machine

Wrapping Around Labeling Machine NLR-230 can be widely used in labeling cosmetics, food, beverage containers, etc.

  • Pneumatic bottle positioning device for accurate labeling
  • Smart labeling model with free setting system
  •  Advanced sensor for automatic label size detecting while changing labels
  •  Delicate cabinet design for storage with high mobility
  •  Labeling height and angle are adjustable
  •  Most economical model to connect with a production line
  •  Adopt high quality conveyor belt for stable labeling
  •  Strict quality control with best after-sales service
  •  Made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for frame construction to comply with cGMP standard

  • Driven by stepper motor
  •  Labeling Speed:20~50pcs/min (Depends on product sizes)
  •  Applicable Bottles:Diameter 16-100mm; Height 30-160mm
  •  Applicable Labels:(W) 10-100mm; (L) 10-300mm
  •  Applicable Label Roll:Inner 75mm; Outer 300mm
  •  Accuracy:±1mm (Depends on products)
  •  Power Supply:110 or 220VAC; 50/60Hz; single phase

  • Date Coder
  • Sensor for transparent labels