Fully Automated Filling-Capping-Labeling Production Line FG-585S+CS-415S+NLD-400

Fully Automated Filling-Capping-Labeling Production Line FG-585S+CS-415S+NLD-400


(Filling range:50-4000ml)(Capping speed:20-40 bottles/min)(Labeling speed:40-100 bottles/min)

Fully Automated Filling Capping And Labeling Production Line

Fully Automated Filling-Capping-Labeling Production Line is suitable for factory automation integrating the processes of filling, capping and labeling into smooth flow production line. This model uses high-level interfaced control system for fast speed and high-precision operation. Thus, the process efficiency improves, and the labor costs are saved.

Neostarpack-Fully Automated Filling-Capping-Labeling Production Line

Fully Automated Filling-Capping-Labeling Production Line is widely used in food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical plants, plants of body-care products, plants of cleaning supplies, chemical plants, etc.

●Driven by high-end servo motor, filling simultaneously by multiple pumps make various modes available: manual weighing mode and auto-quantitative filling mode.
●Setting and adjusting the filling volume are easy by using the colorful touch screen of the intelligent PLC control system.
●Special leak-proof design for filling valve and anti-flow device in order to maintain high-quality filling.
●Equipped with emergency stop button; the safety warning device can immediately alert the operator for the operation problems.
●Heavy duty and rigid construction: made of stainless steel that conforms with pharmaceutical cGMP rules.
●Multiple memory parameters—Operator can access to the stored data quick and start up the production immediately.
●Driven by servo motor makes the capping function precise and fast; most kinds of caps can be used with the change of the cap head only.
●Capping mechanism driven by dual servo motors generates appropriate torque to maintain the high capping quality without wear damage to the bottle.
●Digitized rail control makes the cap feeding smooth, the functions of positioning, dispensing and placing are accurate.
●Use of made-in-Japan-photoelectric eye, the sensing system can automatically shutdown when the production line jams, and it can re-start up when the line becomes smooth.
●Both the height and the angle of the dual label applicators can be fine adjusted for fast changeover.
●Microcomputer controlled system is flexible for label dispensing selection: single or dual dispensing, or even single-side dispensing.
●Intelligent control system gives alert message when the label is missing, broken or end-of-reel.
●Use of high-tech driving mechanism, bottles are positioned precisely; when the line overloads, it automatically shuts down in order to protect the products as well as the machine.
●The machine applies modular design principle, it can be integrated upward or downward effectively to meet diverse needs of product mix.

●Filling range:50~4000ml
●Filling accuracy:±0.5%~1%
●Tank size:100~200L
●Power supply:single phase, 220VAC, 50/60Hz
●Machine size:(L)5125mm (W)1528mm (H)2398mm

●Air pressure requirement:4~6 Kg
●Cap types:screw cap or press cap.
●Cap diameter:22~120 mm
●Capping speed:20-40 bottles/min

●Product size:O.D. 20mm-125mm, Height 30-160 mm
●Label size:width 10~100mm, length 20-300mm
●Label Reel:I.D. 75mm O.D. ≦300mm
●Conveyer:200 mm (full size), or other size by special request
●Machine size:(L) 2100mm (W)1380mm (H)1500mm

●High hygiene level airtight protective cover
●feeding turntable, collecting turntable
●Date coder